Stakeholders active in the project as associated beneficiaries and having knowledge of cost-efficient remediation possibilities of large CAH groundwater contamination

RSK Benelux bvba

RSK Benelux bvba is a Belgian certified remediation specialist. RSK Benelux bvba specializes in the remediation of large and complicated soil and groundwater contamination. RSK Benelux bvba is part of the RSK Group, is one of Europe’s fastest growing environmental consultancies with more than 700 staff across 33 strategic locations in the UK, Europe, The Gulf and Caspian regions. An extensive description and reference list of the activities of RSK is presented in Annex 3.

Contact :

Stefan Bangels
managing Director
RSK Benelux Bvba
Sittardlaan 34
B-3500 Hasselt, Belgium
Mob +32-474-28.81.14
Fax +32-11-20.18.78


VITO is an independent research institute that carries out research on innovative methods and technologies for solving problems relating to the environment, (eco)toxicology, energy and material science. VITO’s mission includes the stimulation of sustainable development. It has an internationally reputed research program on remediation of contaminated land that serves regulators, site owners, consultants and remediation contractors. An extensive description and reference list of the activities of VITO is presented in Annex 3.


Johan Gemoets
Project Manager – Expert Remediation
Water Management & Technology
Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol, Belgium
Tel +32-14-33.51.32
Mob +32-477.41.21.09