Public Stakeholders interested that soil contamination in Flanders can be reduced on an efficient way

Local authority of Hamont-Achel

The local authority of Hamont-Achel is the owner of the forest area that is on top of the groundwater contamination plume. Since injection-, extraction- and monitoring-wells need to be installed in the forest area and since frequent injections need to take place in this area, the local authority needs to be involved in the project. After consultation the local authority of Hamont-Achel granted their full cooperation.

Agency for Nature and Forest

The Agency for Nature and Forest is responsible for the forest management of the forest that is property of the local authority of Hamont-Achel. The location of injection-, extraction- and monitoring-wells need to be determined in close dialogue with the Agency for Nature and Forest in order to minimize the impact of the remediation on the forest area. After consultation the Agency granted their full cooperation.


OVAM is a regional authority of Flanders that is responsible for soil remediation in Flanders. OVAM develops and implements the legal policies on soil remediation. OVAM is also the controlling authority for all soil and groundwater remediations that occur in Flanders. One of the main objectives of OVAM is to assure that all sites with historical soil and groundwater pollution are remediated 2030. A recommendation letter from OVAM concerning the importance of this demonstration project was addressed to the Management Team of the project.

VMM & Aquafin

VMM is the authority that deals with the extraction, infiltration and discharge of water. In this project, VMM decides on the amount of treated groundwater that can be discharged into to public sewer system and also on the required chemical characteristics of the treated groundwater that will be infiltrated in the forest area.
Aquafin is the public company that installs and controls the public sewer system and the public wastewater treatment units.